Retort Room Sustainability Systems

Retorts consume large amounts of thermal energy (steam) to perform the heating steps of commercial sterilization. Specifically, saturated steam retorts discharge large volumes of steam during their FDA/USDA required venting step. After a sterilization step is complete, in any type of retort, large volumes of plant water are consumed in the cooling process. Allpax offers two sustainability solutions that allow food manufacturers to improve their energy efficiency by redeploying the heat energy and/or cooling water that would otherwise be vented into the atmosphere or sent down the drain, respectively.

Allpax Vented Steam Heat Recapture systems, for saturated steam retort installations, convert what would otherwise be wasted heat into usable hot water for other plant uses. Allpax Cooling Water Recovery systems claim up to 50% of the cooling water for use in subsequent cooling steps and can also be used to recapture the initial high temperature cooling water discharge for other plant uses (i.e.: for cleaning water, or for indirectly heating boiler feedwater or product).

Allpax turn-key integrated systems for both new and existing retort installations provide a seamless engineered solution for redeploying plant resources. The systems are managed by the Allpax retort controller with built-in flexibility and a separate HMI to select the parameters that provide the most efficient energy conservation model for the plant’s needs.

Allpax sustainability solutions provide:

  • Improved plant efficiency, in terms of utility usage
  • Reduced utility usage, thus significant energy and water savings
  • Marked reduction of the plant’s carbon footprint

When it comes to the retort room, Allpax offers industry leading energy, water and labor sustainability solutions. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us today.

Allpax developed technology designed to harness wasted energy on saturated steam retorts by capturing vented steam and creating free hot water for plant operations.

Allpax water recovery systems reduce water consumption by recycling retort water discharge for other plant uses.