Substrate Sterilizer Retorts

Designed with mushroom and mycelium producers in mind, the Allpax Substrate Sterilizer has features that maximize production throughput. We custom design the rack system to the container dimensions and to utilize as much of the retort’s internal capacity as possible. We also offer a cooling step, thus dramatically reducing the overall process times. Available in sizes to meet any production requirement, the Substrate Sterilizer is flexible to accommodate diverse product requirements.

Features on the Substrate Sterilizer include:

  • Versatile retort sizing to accommodate custom dimensions
  • Stainless steel and insulated vessels
  • Double doors for a sterile environment
  • Optional custom racks and racks

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Allpax offers specialized retort machines known as substrate sterilizers, designed for sterilizing growth media used in fungi production, featuring saturated steam processes and overpressure cooling to enhance efficiency and prevent container damage.