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Shaka and Gentle Motion R&D Retorts

Rotation is fine for cans, glass jars, and bottles. But if your container lays down, you need something a little different. Gentle Motion retorts give you full production capacity AND the ability to shake your load to get all the benefits of agitation in pouches and semi-rigid trays.

Shaka agitation is also available in pilot-scale Allpax retorts. With Shaka, you can configure your shaking agitation rate all the way up to 4 times the frequency of Gentle Motion.

Gentle Motion and Shaka are both known for their ability to minimize retort cycle time and improve quality. Other advantages include improved in-process hydration and reduced thermal burden on the product. Only Allpax allows you to sample the amazing power of the newest agitation types in the comfort of your own lab.

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Request more info about this product