SHAKA™ Retorts

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Following the success of our 2402 and 3802 SHAKA™ R&D/Pilot retorts, Allpax has provided over a decade of successful SHAKA™ production retort installations with both the Ø1300mm and Ø1600mm models. SHAKA™ (pronounced SHAY-kuh) provides process advantages that no other production batch retorts can match. Operating at reciprocating frequencies of up to 3Hz, that’s (360) 6-inch strokes per minute, SHAKA™ is unrivaled in providing rapid heat transfer for high-viscosity products. This translates to process time reduction as high as 90% over static processes in both heating and cooling. No other retort process comes close to that kind of performance, which is especially important when dealing with heat sensitive products.

In addition to providing exceptional product quality improvements, the short cycle times provided with SHAKA™ also result in remarkably high throughput rates with both the 1300 and 1600 models. A single position SHAKA™ retort will match the output of a six or even eight-position static retort! With severe-duty design & construction, unrivaled ease-of-use via the Allpax controls suite, you can do more with less, and do it better with SHAKA™. Contact Allpax to see why SHAKA™ retorts continue to be one of the most unique and ideal retort solutions available for certain package/product combinations.

To further increase the efficiency and sustainability of your retort operation, check out the links to our Retort Room Sustainability products at the bottom of this page.

The SHAKA™ process can deliver Chilled or Aseptic quality at shelf stable costs. Because SHAKA™ decreases process times, shelf stable products can be created with the quality of a frozen product. Unlike Aseptic equipment, SHAKA™ retorts can process products containing particulates while matching the same quality of an aseptic process.

Production SHAKA™ retorts feature Batch Flexibility along with Container Flexibility. A SHAKA™ retort can process many retort-able container types including trays, pouches, cans, and glass jars. With automated loading and clamping options, the SHAKA™ retort is a drop in replacement that adds value. And with a batch retorting system, changing product lines is as simple as re-loading the machine!

Because the SHAKA™ process features lower process time, increased product quality, and improved nutritional value new product lines are being created. Products that could not be retorted in the past can be processed in a SHAKA™ retort. Not only can sensitive products be retorted, but they can be processed with qualities superior to frozen foods. SHAKA™ retorts are changing the landscape of shelf stable products.