Production Gentle Motion Retorts

Rotation is fine for cans, glass jars, and bottles. But if your container lays down, you need something a little different. Gentle motion retorts give you full production capacity AND the ability to shake your load to get all the benefits of agitation in pouches and semi-rigid trays.

The gentle motion retort provides you with static and agitation benefits. With various modes of gentle motion and static mode, you can improve product quality and improve capacity.

The gentle motion retort is known for it’s ability to minimize retort cycle time while improving quality. Using the gentle motion retort provides you with a robust mechanical design for a long life. Other advantages include a promoted in-process hydration, reduced thermal burden on the product, with improved product quality, agitation ranges available from five to 60 strokes per minute, and variable frequency motor control for recipe flexibility.

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  • Gentle Motion retorts give you the best of both static and agitation:

    • In Gentle Motion mode, you get the proven 5-40% process time reductions and improvements in product quality.
    • In Static mode, the Gentle Motion hardware can be removed and you get another full basket of capacity.

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