Vacuum-Cooled Pressure Cookers

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Allpax has been providing producers of refrigerated foods such as potato salads, cooked vegetable salads, hummus and other prepared refrigerated dishes and sides with custom equipment for over 25 years. This specialized retort application allows producers of ready-to-eat (RTE) refrigerated products an efficient and rapid thermal process (cook) followed by a cooling step using vacuum. The vacuum cooling step brings the product to temperatures as low as near freezing if required. This thermal process allows the cooked ingredient to be blended with other ingredients immediately after the retort process without the requirement of refrigerated cooling.

The retorts are available in diameters of 1300mm, 1400mm, 1550mm, 1600mm and 1800mm as well as custom lengths to suit your batch size and production requirements. Door options include manual or automatic swing-open doors or fully-automatic orbital doors. Our automatic orbital doors save plant floorspace while the double-door option allows the processed product preparation area to be isolated from raw/unprocessed product. The automatic doors also allow for fully automated product throughput when integrated with automated retort loading and unloading equipment and robotic tray handling.