Automated Batch Retort Systems

The Allpax Automated Batch Retort System (ABRS) is designed for efficient transportation of baskets from a filling station to retort sterilization and cooking vessels and from there to a packaging area.

The ABRS refers to a integration of all the Allpax hardware modules into a batch retorting system that offer advantages over seperate hardware modules.

An Allpax ABRS can be made up of the following equipment:

  • Product loader -such as this Sweep Type Can Loader
  • Basket management system
  • Material handling conveyors
  • Retort Loading Equipment -such as this Dual Lane Shuttle
  • Retorts -such as these 1600mm Water Immersion Rotary Retorts
An integrated Automated Batch Retort System offers advantages such as:
  • Integrated basket tracking
  • Elimination of the retort by-pass (packaging of unprocessed product)
  • Automatic priority machine loading
  • Automatic mandate and I.T. time handling
  • Automatic basket positioning and storage
  • Live retort room status view