Automated Batch Retort Systems

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Automated Batch Retort Systems (ABRS) are defined as fully automated and completely integrated batch sterilization systems that include package loading and unloading equipment, multiple batch retorts, a retort delivery system, and a control system which facilitates communication and coordination across all the equipment so that in effect there is virtually a continuous flow of product going into and coming out of the system. And a completely automated system, regardless of the size, usually only requires one or two people to operate/supervise the entire system. Allpax is one of a few in the world, and the only retort manufacturer in North America who designs, manufactures, and fully supports all the equipment that comprises an Automated Batch Retort System.

All Allpax ABRS equipment is fully tested and operated at production speed prior to shipment ensuring a fast and seamless start-up process. Our customers are encouraged to attend factory acceptance tests (FAT’s) prior to delivery of their ABRS, or any individual piece of retort or material handling equipment we manufacture.

To keep your ABRS operating effectively and efficiently, Allpax offers a host of complimentary software tools and post installation parts and service support options including:
  • Validation software (CHALLENGER) and services (ALLCHECK) - to help meet or exceed the guidelines laid out in NFPA Bulletin 43L
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Software - system efficiency monitoring and tracking tools to assist production departments in isolating and rectifying throughput bottlenecks
  • MAINTAINER Software provides maintenance departments a tool to help keep things operating smoothly by assisting with scheduled maintenance (thus minimizing equipment downtime and intervals), by identifying what and when typical wear items need to be replaced, and via electronic access to equipment mechanical and electrical drawings and schematics
  • Mobile HMI Tool - portable system interface device to provide easy access to control and information functionality and features within the control system
  • Responsive Parts Support Services - large inventory of common replacement parts
  • Remote Support Service Contracts - allows for expedient assistance over the phone or via remote connection into the equipment control system to identify and solve problems quickly and cost-effectively
  • Field Support Service Contracts - customizable annual programs to aid with audits, calibrations, routine maintenance tasks, preventative maintenance tasks, rebuilds/refurbishments, shutdown or emergency support, etc.
  • 24/7 After-Hours Emergency Service
  • Thermal Processing Services - through our partner TechniCAL
Automated Batch Retorts & Autoclaves

Many different diameters, lengths, types of process delivery methods and features are available to best suit current and future package, product and throughput needs. All retorts include a feature-rich and intuitive control system / interface package that meets or exceeds FDA record keeping requirements of 21 CFR Part 11

Automated Product Loading & Unloading Equipment

Sweep or Pick and Place style systems- for handling rigid or semi-rigid containers such as cans, glass jars/bottles or plastic bottles/bowls. Pick and Place (Robotic or Gantry) style systems- for handling flexible or semi-flexible containers such as pouches and other fragile containers that are made from fiber or plastic materials.

Automated Retort Delivery Systems

For delivering baskets or tray stacks to and from the retorts and the loading/unloading system(s). And potentially for loading and unloading the retorts:

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Shuttle Systems
  • Automated Guided Vehicle Systems
Automated Basket / Tray Stack Tracking Systems

Provides traffic control logic and tracking of every basket or tray stack to ensure that unprocessed or improperly processed containers are not unloaded and sent downstream to packaging. This tracking hardware and software provides a safety barrier which prevents unprocessed or under processed (deviated) product from entering the food chain.