Basket Tippers

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The TIPPER is one of our designs that makes the retort room a safer place to work.

After the sterilization cycle, the retort water cooling cycle cools the product. But, the cooling cycle often creates a problem with excess water on the container lids and on the divider sheets in static mode retorts. As the container cools with the water forming a pool on the lid, discoloration and rust spots can appear, giving you a problem that affects the throughput of your plant. Excess water on the divider sheets also introduces problems at the unloader, causing slippage with the automated pick & place operation. The Tipper solves this problem by draining the excess water from the top of the containers.

It is essential that retort equipment remains intact. The basket tippers are the perfect solution for keeping products safe and equipment in mint condition. Each tipper has a 304 stainless steel nema-4 free-standing operator and electrical panel. This system is designed for safety in the retort room. Features on the basket tippers include a severe-duty design and components, a hydraulic power pack, positive basket clamp-down arm for maintaining the basket position during operation, and easy installation.

To reduce downstream complications caused by excess water, Allpax tippers are used to remove water from the upper surface of containers, divider sheets and trays after retort processing. Our tippers are available in single and multi-basket/stack configurations and can be installed inline with automated conveyor systems or stand-alone for manual operations. Robust stainless steel construction with reliable SEW Eurodrive gearmotors insures a long service life.

Basket Tipper Features
  • Available in Single and Multiple Basket-Load Models
  • "7" Basket loads up to 2500 pounds per basket
  • Severe-Duty Design and Components
  • Positive Basket Clamp-Down Arm
  • SEW-EURODRIVE driven heavy-duty chain drive
  • Proximity sensors for Operator Safety
  • Available in both manual push-button and automation-integrated configurations
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • NEMA-4 Stainless Steel r1.g Electrical Panel