Thermal Processing

Regulatory and Thermal Process Authority Services

Allpax Thermal Processing


The USDA and FDA low-acid canned foods regulations are centered around the premise that the processor must have scientific data to support the delivery of Commercial Sterility to their products. Whether your product is packaged in cans, glass, pouches, or trays, Allpax provides heat penetration tests and designs the thermal processes to meet all federal regulations. 


Process upsets or deviations are the bane of many food processors. These can be simple initial or retort temperature violations, or more complex time or critical factor deviations. Deviant product means that money is tied up in inventory holds. Allpax uses advanced evaluation tools to assist processors in evaluating the deviations and moving the product.


The heart and soul of your production facility is the performance of your Retorts and Autoclaves. No one knows retorts better than Allpax, and there isn't a retort type we haven't tested. If your retorts are steam, water immersion, steam/air, water steam spray, or water cascade, rotary or non-rotary, we have the experience to document its performance to make sure it meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements.


The USFDA requires the processor of all low-acid and acidified food products manufactured or sold in the US to register the food processing facility and the applicable food products manufactured in these facilities. Whether you are a domestic or foreign processor, Allpax can assist your firm with these tasks, and then follow-up with the USFDA to ensure delays are minimized. Let us do the process filing correctly the first time.


One of the keys to dealing with the government regulatory agencies is understanding the intent of the regulations. There probably isn't a low-acid or acidified foods question we haven't addressed, so let Allpax act as your intermediary with these agencies when questions arise.


Allpax assists customers by providing proactive audits of their production facility. We provide regulatory style assessments of processor compliance with the federally mandated low-acid and acidified food regulations found in the US Code of Federal Regulations (Titles 9 and 21). An independent audit may just be what the doctor ordered to ensure your company meets or exceeds the regulations, and as a bonus, we will rely on our many years of experience to offer advice on how you may be able to improve your operation.