Food Industry

Allpax manufactures the most varied line of batch sterilization retorts, also called autoclaves, for the food processing manufacturing industry.

With the wide variety of packaging available to food processing manufacturers, in-container sterilization poses challenges that require a variety of solutions for thermal processing, container handling, and substrate sterilization. Allpax multi-process retorts (food autoclaves) such as our Dual-Mode saturated steam / water spray and water immersion/water spray food production processing retorts provide processing options. We also manufacture retorts (autoclaves) capable of all types of agitation including rotary end-over-end and horizontal reciprocation Shaka and Gentle Motion. Allpax commercial sterilization equipment is designed to provide even temperature distribution and rapid come-up times both reducing thermal burden and increasing throughput.

Allpax also has the most diverse and capable line of R&D Autoclaves including the 2402, 3802, 5202 and Versatort. The 2402 and 3802 are capable of replicating all retort processes including saturated steam, steam-air, water spray, water cascade and water immersion as well as all forms of agitation used in commercial food production including hydrostatic and continuous rotary sterilizers. The 5202 and Versatort provide sufficient capacity for small pilot production.

In addition to commercial sterilization equipment, Allpax provides all types of material handling equipment allowing manufacturers to completely automate their retort room. Allpax’s material handling equipment options include sweep-type and fragile container loaders and unloaders for cans, bottles and jars as well as gantry-type and robotic pick-and-place retortable pouch and polymeric bowl and tray handlers. Allpax food processing retort delivery equipment includes shuttles and conveyors for automated batch retort systems (A.B.R.S.) providing complete automation and Ergo-Loaders for manual basket handling applications. Allpax can also design retort rooms with future automation in mind.

Allpax Production Shaka Food Processing Retort

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