Automated Retort Delivery Systems

Allpax offers specialized basket and tray stack delivery systems allowing compete automation of the batch retort room. Automated retort loading and unloading is accomplished either with the retort shuttle or the rigid chain indexer. Allpax is the exclusive user of the rigid chain technology which can be utilized as a conveyor component or can be installed on our various shuttle configurations. Other specialized components include our Basket/Tray Tipper which eliminate downstream problems caused by excessive water on the product after retort processing. Options for manual retort rooms include the Ergo-Loader which is a labor saving push-button operated basket /tray stack indexing and latching device that removes the strain of inserting and removing heavy retort loads. Allpax also offers internal retort conveyors as another labor saving retort loading and unloading option.

Removes the operator from the position of pushing /pulling heavy baskets to load /unload retort.

Transports baskets into, and out of, the retort safely and efficiently.

Designed to lift and tip the retort baskets that have accumulated excess water.