Retort Shuttles

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Allpax is a retort manufacturer that also builds a wide range of integrated robotics, automated material handling and auxiliary equipment for the retort room. The SHUTTLE is one of our designs that makes the retort room a safer place to work. Loads and Unloads the Retort.

One of the biggest justifications for automation in the retort room is the automatic transportation of product-filled baskets and the loading and unloading of baskets in the retort. The Allpax SHUTTLE is a device that was designed to accomplish basket transport into, and out of, the retort safely and efficiently. The machine is a robot that runs on rails in front of the retorts with self-contained conveyor sections for delivering and retrieving retort baskets.

Retort Shuttle Features
  • Eliminates Conveyors in the Retort
  • Automatically Loads and Unloads Retort Baskets
  • Basket loads up to 4000 pounds
  • Severe-Duty Design and Components
  • Available for Retorts with Swing-Open or Guillotine Doors
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Integrates with the Allpax MONITOR Automated Basket Tracking System