Water Recovery

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Allpax Water Recovery Systems greatly reduce water consumption by capturing the cooler water that is discharged from the retort during the latter stages of the retort cooling cycle for use during subsequent retort cooling cycles. The system can also save energy by collecting the hot water that is discharged during the initial stage of the retort cooling cycle and use it to either directly, or indirectly thru a HX, create or heat cleaning water or boiler feedwater.

Water Recovery Features
  • Allpax custom designs provide turn-key retort room integration
  • Allpax water recovery products facilitate LEED certification initiatives and ISO 50000 water recovery systems
  • Allpax water recovery systems can be remotely monitored to provide real-time data
  • PLC controls and graphic HMI screens capture the critical variables
  • Allpax custom designs water recovery systems to fit plant needs