ImmersaFlow Retorts NEW

ProMach’s retort manufacturing business units, Allpax and Stock America, introduce one of the most innovative batch-type commercial sterilization technologies to the food processing industry in many years. ImmersaFlow™ is a new static water immersion process which provides unprecedented control of the process media. In fluid dynamics, a medium will naturally take the path of least resistance. With typical static cascade or water immersion processes, this will always be around the area posing the most resistance, which is usually located at the lower geometric center of the basket load. ImmersaFlow™ resolves the load resistance problem by confining the flow of water such that its only path is through the load, and by forcing the water through the load versus just letting gravity control the flow of the process media.

ImmersaFlow™ utilizes a closed loop column of process water that is channeled through a plenum and closed wall product baskets. Outside of the basket, the retort shell is primarily empty, minimizing water usage and reducing the amount of heat energy required for the sterilization process. By confining and positively forcing the flow of the process medium through the load, ImmersaFlow™ can achieve 4 to 6 minute Come Up Times (CUT), with as little as a 2°F spread between the geometric center and perimeter of the load. Faster, tighter Come Up Time (CUT) to process temperature allows for shorter heat cycles, more consistent temperature distribution, and an overall reduction in energy consumption.

The benefits of ImmersaFlow™ do not stop with the heating cycles. The turbulent flow of process water through the load also provides for shorter and more even temperature distribution in the cooling cycles as well. This further improves product quality by reducing the damaging effects of high heat on the product. Additionally, shorter cooling cycles further reduce the overall duration of the batch retort process, thus increasing the overall throughput capabilities of the retort.

In short, ImmersaFlow™ provides increased throughput, better and more consistent product quality, and reduction of energy consumption over traditional static cascade or water immersion retorts. To learn more about this promising new technology we invite you to contact us to discuss how ImmersaFlow™ can benefit your application.