Allpax Manual Basket Tracking System

The Allpax basket tracking system for non-automated retort rooms is a barcode-based system for tracing cans, jars, trays, and pouches by basket through each critical checkpoint in the retort room and tagging those packages to verified processing by an individual retort. This new system is designed to improve security within the retort room and to lower the risk of product retort bypass. Allpax can be integrated into every non-automated retort operation.

Each basket is tagged with a human readable number and a machine readable number, both in laser-etched stainless steel. Scanning positively identifies each basket as it moves between loading, retorting, and unloading zones of the retort room. Non-conforming actions are alarmed and require authorized operator resolution to clear the alarm.

The Allpax Basket Tracking System allows you to:
  • Eliminate the retort bypass
  • Assign a personality to each basket
  • Track all baskets in the system live
  • It will not allow unprocessed product to be unloaded
  • Track the number of containers, and Production code
  • Track the Basket status (i.e. unprocessed, empty, etc.)
  • Track The retort number, and Batch number