Retort Baskets and Carts

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Whether you have new retorts and need additional product staging capacity or if you have older retorts and your baskets have seen better days, Allpax can custom manufacture baskets and carts of all shapes and sizes. Baskets are designed to accommodate automated basket loaders and feature a "floating" aluminum bottom plate for hydraulic layer indexing. Allpax carts are designed to optimize ergonomics during loading and unloading.

The retort baskets and carts are heavy-duty and feature laser cut components, stainless steel, carbon steel, or hot dipped galvanized steel construction, and low friction rollers. Allpax builds a variety of integrated automated material handling machines. These devices are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of a retort room while maintaining tight tolerances for manual or automated use.

Other features available for the retort baskets and carts include laser cut components for precision tolerance, custom designs, and a positive basket locking for maintaining basket position during operation.

Allpax Retort Baskets Features
  • Heavy-Duty Basket Casters
  • Low Friction Rollers
  • Laser Cut Components
  • Stainless steel, Carbon steel, or Hot dipped Galvanized steel Construction