Steam-Air Retorts

Allpax manufactures production capacity, severe-duty Steam-Air sterilization retorts that are used to process pouches, trays, and bottles. A heavy-duty door fan circulates the steam-air mixture throughout the steam retort and direct high-volume water spray provides cooling.

The steam-air retort ensures quality, durable equipment for retort needs. With an all stainless steel construction, the steam-air retort is dependable and sturdy. Lengths come in variety, from one basket to eight baskets. With optional features, your steam-air retort is capable of handling all retort requirements.

The Steam-air retort is pressure rate to 58 psi. You can choose between the manual or the automatic quick-opening doors in either swing-open or orbiting design. The steam-air retort is supported and serviced by the same people who designed and built them. The steam-air retort includes reliable equipment ready for hard work.

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  • Steam Air Retorts feature:

    • All stainless steel construction: 304 or 316
    • From 24" / 610mm to 72" / 1800mm diameter.
    • Lengths from 1 basket to 8 baskets.
    • Swing-open or space-saving overhead orbiting doors
    • Available with the Allpax Monitor control system -fully 21 CFR Part 11 validation ready
    • Also available with Gentle Motion capability

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