Gantry-Type Pouch Loaders/Unloaders

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When a food processor moves from processing cans and jars to processing retortable flexible packages, material handling becomes a whole new ballgame. Pouches have a unique "personality." They don't behave like cans or jars. They must be put in lanes and controlled from the time that they are filled and sealed. Pouches cannot handle backpressure.

The Allpax Gantry-Type Pouch Loaders/Unloaders control the pouches from the filler, then stages the pouches into the most efficient row / column pattern for consolidation. The pouches are then accurately picked and placed into the receiving tray by a servo driven pick and place head. The trays are then stacked and conveyed to the retort for processing.

Pouches behave much differently than other products. If your industry requires the use of pouches, the retort pouch loader can be used to maneuver your products through safe, sterile production. The retort pouch loader features a sever-duty design and components, is built with standard parts and components, and requires stand-alone operation or can be ABRS integrated. If you’re interested in finding a retort pouch for your unique product specification, look to Allpax.

The Allpax retort pouch loader ensures that products are controlled from the filler. Once this step is complete, the machine stages the pouches into a row and column pattern for consolidation. Your pouch products must be handled with extreme caution in an effort to keep the contents safe and clean. After consolidation, the pouches are picked and placed into the receiving tray by a servo driven pick and place head. Because of the unique requirements of pouches, the retort pouch equipment must include precision in each aspect of execution. With accuracy and stability, the retort pouch keeps your products stable throughout the entire process of production. The last step required in the retort pouch system is to stack and convey trays.

Pouch Loader Features
  • Automatically controls, consolidates and loads pouches
  • Severe-Duty Design and Components
  • Built with standard Parts and Components
  • Stand-alone operation, or ABRS integrated
  • Allpax PC-based controls or A-B ControlLogix Controls
  • Color Touch-Screen Operator Interface
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction