Sweep Type Loaders/Unloaders

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As part of our line of advanced-technology retort room equipment, Allpax has designed and produced a series of Sweep Loaders for retorts using square and rectangular baskets. These automated loaders form the cans, jars, or bottles into a layer pattern, then sweep the pattern into the retort basket for sterilization. Allpax Sweep Type Can Loaders are designed to accept baskets from a variety of retort vendors, including FMC, Stock, Lubeca and others.

Allpax Sweep Type Loaders Features
  • Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic Operation
  • Built for Cans, Jars, Bottles, Glass, etc.
  • Automatic Layer Indexing
  • Automatic Slip Sheet Insertion
  • VFD Controlled Conveyors
  • Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel
  • NEMA 4 Electrical Enclosure
  • Severe Duty Components
  • Product Changeover in less than 30 minutes

Available Models:

  • 200X- Push Button Operated Sweep Loader
  • 300X- Semi automatic Sweep Loader with Manual SlipSheet Insertion
  • 400X- Fully Automatic Sweep Loader capable of ABRS integration
  • 400X Hyperloader - Fully Automatic High Speed Loader

Allpax Sweep Loaders are available in several different models ranging from semi-autonomous to fully autonomous high-speed ABRS integrated.