Fragile Container Loaders

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Allpax has developed the automated machinery to consolidate, stage, and move fragile containers received from the fillers into the racking systems for retorting. We've also developed the advanced racking designs that are necessary for storing the fragile containers and forwarding the batched product to the retorts for sterilization.

The Allpax FC(TM) Loader consolidates single-file containers from the high-speed fillers by distributing the containers into a layer-forming zone. When a full layer has been formed, the Allpax FC(TM) Loader uses a Pusher-Follower strategy to maintain the pattern while preventing container tipping and shingling. The FC(TM) Loaders are designed to eliminate top loading of the containers. This allows flexible thin wall containers to be retorted.

FC Loaders Features
  • Rapid-lift elevators
  • Servo drives
  • ABRS Integration
  • VFD Controlled Conveyors
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • NEMA-4 Electrical Panels
  • Severe-Duty Components
  • Product Changeover for most containers is less than 30 min.