Retort Accessories

Allpax offers retort accessories that are engineered with your retort process in mind. These retort accessories consist of open flow retort baskets & retort carts, retort basket tippers, custom injected retort-able molded trays, metal product trays, retort-ready plastics and container-friendly slipsheets for all makes and models of retorts, including Stock, FMC, LaGarde, and Busse (Loaders).

Retort accessories are designed to accommodate diverse product requirements. The retort accessories feature:

  • Custom designs
  • Durable construction for diverse applications
  • Interlocking layers

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Built to withstand the rigors of automated material handling equipment.

High temperature retort-able product trays are used for pouches, bowls, and TV-dinner style trays.

Baskets and carts for retorts of any size, shape, and orientation in both carbon and stainless steel.

Designed to lift and tip the retort baskets that have accumulated excess water.