Substrate Sterilizer

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Allpax substrate sterilizers are a specialized type of retort (autoclave) designed specifically for sterilizing the growth media used in the production of both the mycelium (root-like structure) and sporocarp (fruiting body) components of fungi. The substrate containers, which are typically polypropylene bags or bowls and are not hermetically sealed, require a saturated steam process to reach the typical sterilization temperatures of 250°F / 121°C or above. The Allpax substrate sterilizer has the added feature of an overpressure (counterpressure) cooling step that prevents the containers from bursting due to sudden loss of pressure within the retort environment. Removing the heat from the vessel with the use of compressed air significantly shortens the overall duration of the process cycle.

Allpax can size the retort (autoclave) to suit any application or throughput requirement. Vessels are available in diameters of 54”/1400mm, 60”/1550mm and 71”/1800mm, and can be provided in varying lengths. The vessels are constructed of stainless steel and are insulated and cladded. All sterilizers are available with double doors to prevent cross contamination of the sterile growing environment. Doors are also available as manual swing-open or automatic orbital configuration. Custom racks and carts can also be provided and are also typically constructed from heavy duty, hygienic stainless-steel materials. The custom racks are designed to optimize the available space in the sterilizer and to accommodate the customer’s chosen substrate container. As with our other production retorts, the substrate sterilizer installations are available with manual or fully automated material handling systems.