Ergo Loaders/Unloaders

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The Retort Ergo Loader is a robot that removes the retort operator from the position of pushing and pulling heavy baskets to load and unload the retort. It also eliminates costly forklift loading mishaps, which damage both the retort basket and the retort door. With an Ergo Loader, your retort operators won't have to use a basket hook, or go into the retort to get the last basket. When forklift transport is used to move baskets, the Ergo Loader's platform offers an easy target for forklift drivers to place and pick-up retort baskets.

Ergo Loader Features
  • Automatically loads, links, indexes, and unloads retort baskets
  • Basket loads up to 4000 pounds
  • Severe-Duty Design and Components
  • Built from standard Parts and Components
  • Available for Retorts with Swing-Open or Guillotine Doors
  • Bridges the gap between automated and manual retort loading
  • Can work stand-alone or integrate with the Allpax Retort Control System
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction