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R&D Retorts

The research and development retorts (R&D retorts) from Allpax are designed to be flexible multi-mode retorts. The R&D retort / pilot-scale retort line is capable of running numerous processes including water immersion, saturated steam, water spray, and steam air. These R&D retorts / pilot-scale retorts are available in various forms of agitation including rotary, shaka, gentle motion, Seri-Sim and Hydro-Sim.

For more information on the versatile research and development retorts contact a R&D retort specialist from Allpax today.

Gentle Motion Retorts category thumbnail

Gentle Motion Retorts

Perfect for pouches, trays, and other horizontally-oriented containers.

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Shaka Retorts category thumbnail

Shaka Retorts

Shaka retorts utilize a reciprocating actuator to agitate the containers back and forth vigorously

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5202 Multimode R&D Retort category thumbnail

5202 Multimode R&D Retort

For extra large volume lab processing or small-scale production processing

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3802 Multimode R&D Retort category thumbnail

3802 Multimode R&D Retort

As flexible as the 2402 with a larger capacity

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2402 Multimode R&D Retort category thumbnail

2402 Multimode R&D Retort

The most flexible small-scale retort in the industry.

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