Pressure Profiler

Allpax utilizes the Ellab® E-Val Flex® and D-Flex® modules and pairs it with our intuitive control software packaging. Product designers and food scientists are instantaneously, and without trial and error able to generate overpressure profiles in all steps of thermal processing heating and cooling.

Designed for users of fragile containers and containers with fragile closures, this valuable R&D tool automatically establishes the process pressure settings removing stress from delicate seals during the thermal process. Allpax software generates a report of the process allowing the pressure profile to be implemented on production retorts.

Pressure profiler by allpax 1
Allpax Pressure Profiler

Allpax Pressure Profiler Features:

  • PID LOOP CONTROL- Product deflection data is processed through the Allpax Retort Control Software using analog signals to offer tight tolerances.
  • OVERPRESSURE AND VENTING PROFILES- The Allpax Control System performs the required control to offset container deflection and results and logged automatically through printable Batch Log Reports and Trending Charts.
  • BATCH RECIPE IMPLEMENTATION- The defined pressure profile is tied to the Allpax “Monitor” host software for easy implementation configurable per product recipe and/or container.