Pet Food Industry

In many markets, the pet food industry is regulated in the same or very similar manner as the human food industry. For this reason, Allpax retorts with their FDA and USDA compliant control software and process logging software are widely used in the industry. Because of its robust capabilities, owners of other brands of retorts have had Allpax control systems retrofitted to their retort equipment.

The flexible nature of Allpax batch retorts allows pet food manufacturers to provide their markets with the variety pet owners desire. Our retorts are versatile in that they can process different container sizes with no costly part changeovers or downtime. Additionally, with DualMode capability, producers are able to process various container types (pouches, bowls, cans and jars) in the same retort.

In manufacturing, operating and production costs will determine your profit margin. Allpax retort room automation provides pet food producers with the highest speed basket loaders and unloaders in the industry. Allpax also tackles the challenges of fragile container handling with automation options such as our robotic solutions and gantry-type loaders and unloaders. Our fully automated and integrated retort delivery conveyors and shuttles provide product tracking and smart resource optimization.

With their versatility, high throughput capability and reliability, Allpax automated batch retort systems provide pet food manufacturers with many options that result in an industry leading and very attractive low total cost of ownership solution.

Allpax Automated Batch Retort

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