Research & Development Industry

Allpax offers the most diverse and capable line of R&D and pilot production retorts in the market. Our smallest and most capable R&D retort, the 2402 (24” diameter) platform leads the industry in versatility and convenience. Our largest pilot production retort, the Versatort (60” diameter), is capable of multiple processing modes and is available with both rotary and horizontal reciprocation agitation modules that are easily changed over. This feature is ideal for processing vertically and horizontally oriented rigid and flexible containers in one machine.

With our most versatile R&D retorts such as our 2402 series, Allpax maintains a very strong and growing customer base in the food science departments of many top tier colleges and universities. Due to their small footprint, ease of use and flexible processing capabilities, Allpax laboratory retorts provide a valuable teaching tool for undergrad students as well as an effective research platform for postgraduate students and faculty. Universities and colleges also use Allpax R&D and pilot production retorts for other purposes such as mobile teaching platforms, allowing larger state universities to support their smaller regional and community colleges. Allpax also has installations supporting regional industries such as agriculture by helping innovation labs develop new products and solutions for human and pet health and nutrition. With our larger pilot retorts, universities are able to provide incubator facilities for regional companies looking to introduce their shelf stable foods and beverages to the consumer market.

Allpax retorts also serve the R&D departments of packaging material manufacturers, ingredient manufacturers and flavor & fragrance manufacturers as well as those of private food labs. Regardless of the application, the versatility of the Allpax line of R&D retorts allows pilot plants to simulate all of the retort processes their clients’ products will be utilized in, thus allowing them to better design solutions for their customers.