Allpax Completes Move to New Manufacturing Center in Covington, LA

Jul 20, 2021

The new two-acres-under-one-roof facility comes as Allpax, a leader in retort automation, sees sustained growth.

COVINGTON, La., July 20, 2021 — Allpax, a product brand of ProMach, recently completed its move to a new facility in Covington, La., that more than doubles the size of its offices and manufacturing area from 40,000 to 86,000 square feet – approximately two acres under one roof. In a second doubling, Allpax has increased the size of its business by 100% in the past five years.

The new facility was intentionally located only a few miles from the old to provide the least disruption to employees' commutes and connections to the community. To improve operations and worker satisfaction, employees from every production discipline contributed suggestions for the design of their respective work areas. Each functional area has room to expand as projects dictate. The flow of manufacturing within the new facility is sequential from raw materials in to finished products out, increasing efficiency. Fork truck traffic used to move materials, for example, has been reduced by 70% compared to the old facility, which not only saves time but also reduces risk of injury. Two lift cranes traverse the entire manufacturing hall so that retorts and automated systems can be moved between production areas quickly, efficiently, and safely.

The new center features a large area specifically designed for Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs). Allpax offers turnkey integration of retort and automated handling systems as well as complete packaging lines from filling to palletizing and stretch wrapping. Fully integrated systems during the FAT allow operators to receive initial training and customers to experience the entire system in action. Allpax turnkey integration featuring fast disassembly/reassembly strategies can mean up to 50% faster installation and ramp up as compared to systems integrated onsite.

The 34-year-old brand offers customers batch sterilization technology for efficiently preparing shelf-stable foods and beverages packaged in metal, glass, and flexible containers such as pouches, trays, and bowls. Key market segments for Allpax technology include food, beverage, pet foot, fresh deli-case foods, and food innovation laboratories. While Allpax originally began as a batch retort engineering and manufacturing company, it has also developed into an industry leader in integrated automation for handling of product through the entire batch retort process. Allpax became a brand of ProMach in 2006.

With Allpax integrated handling systems, two employees can typically manage an entire retort operation where before at least six to eight workers had been required. Automation not only lowers labor but also improves worker safety, reduces the risk of human error leading to product recall, and achieves maximum throughput. And, to help customers achieve their sustainability goals, Allpax pioneered energy savings and water conservation solutions in retort operations.

Allpax technology is also applied to the heating and rapid cooling of refrigerator-case foods such as hummus and potato salad. Allpax refurbishes all brands of retort equipment. Allpax continually researches and develops software and hardware that expands customer capabilities and improves conformance to FDA food safety guidelines such as the new, innovative Allpax digital chart recorder. The brand has an extensive aftermarket program geared to supplying replacement components that wherever possible improve system productivity and throughput. Secure remote technical support available 24/7 keeps customers running at peak efficiency.

To learn more about the value Allpax offers in shelf stable, deli-food, and food laboratory areas visit

Allpax New Building Outside
The scale of the new Allpax facility in Covington, La, is hard to imagine from this photo - approximately two acres under one roof.
Allpax New Building Inside
The new Allpax facility produces world-leading retorts (center and right) for the sterilization of shelf-stable food and automated package handling systems (foreground) which load and unload the retorts.
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Supporting the highest levels of product safety and regulatory compliance, Allpax manufactures processing and sterilization solutions for the food, beverage, pet food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries, including autoclaves, retort room components, fully automated retort rooms, and product handling equipment that supports retort room automation. Allpax is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Product Handling business line, Allpax helps our packaging customers protect and grow the reputation and trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Allpax at and more about ProMach at

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