Allpax Marks Shaka Retort Five Year Anniversary with Progress Updates and New Insights

Feb 21, 2017

COVINGTON, LA — Allpax, powered by ProMach, announced today the end of patent royalties for Shaka agitation retorts. The five-year anniversary of the first production scale machine also brings a fresh understanding of where best to apply this revolutionary retort process that significantly reduces sterilization time and improves the taste and quality of shelf stable foods.

Shaka technology, which agitates foods for faster and more uniform heat transfer within a package and consequently slashes processing time, started with the idea to improve existing products in terms of taste and appearance. However, through product testing with the multi-mode Allpax R&D Shaka retort in the Allpax test kitchen, it has been realized that there are novel opportunities to develop unique shelf stable products that have not historically performed well in traditional retort applications, and are currently positioned in more expensive refrigerated or frozen formats. Examples include pureed foods such as guacamole, humus, and baby foods. It also is excellent for thick sauces, pasta combinations, and seafood products such as shrimp.

“Shaka offers an excellent retort option for young, smaller niche food companies,” said Greg Jacob, Vice President and General Manager of Allpax. “Companies are marketing to a new generation of consumers that are looking for wholesome ingredients for their children and themselves as well as novel foods. These consumers tend to want new types of convenience packaging and are somewhat averse to cans, which plays to the strengths of Shaka. Co-packers providing a versatile line of products for larger brands can also find Shaka capabilities a business opportunity.”

No more royalties
In 2016, the Shaka process patent expired and with it the royalties companies paid to the UK-based process developer. This makes the fast sterilization system even more attractive. Shaka retorts agitate packaging with intense horizontal back and forth movement equivalent to two g-force. This level of agitation rapidly creates a uniform internal heat map within the package. Faster sterilization lowers thermal load and improves taste and appearance. The Allpax test kitchen research shows that the quality of foods produced by the Shaka process is comparable to that produced by aseptic packaging at a fraction of the cost of aseptic systems. Sterilization times dramatically shrink with Shaka as compared to static processing. A single production unit is capable of sterilizing approximately 9,000 pounds of product per hour.

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