Allpax Offering Refurbished 2402 Multimode R&D Retorts at Up To 30 Percent Savings over New Units

May 13, 2015

COVINGTON, LA — Allpax, powered by ProMach, is now refurbishing and selling the versatile 2402 multimode laboratory retort at up to 30 percent savings over new units. Allpax is also buying used 2402 and other used R&D retorts from those customers who may have completed their research programs, or who are stepping up to larger R&D production run units.

The Allpax 2402 multimode R&D retort offers saturated steam, steam air, water immersion, water spray, and water cascade processes. Five easily changeable modular agitation modes are available — end-over-end, rocking, Gentle Motion shaking (low-speed), The Shaka Process® shaking (high-speed), and axial rotation. The unit can handle cans, bottles, pouches, cups, trays, metals, glass, plastics, and double seam film and foil closures.

Refurbished 2402 multimode retorts are equipped with the latest production version of the Allpax control software, which is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for recipe editing, batch logs, and security functions. The Allen-Bradley PLC-based HMI makes switching between sterilization processes fast and easy, creating an almost infinite number of processing possibilities as manufacturers look for optimum efficiency, quality, and taste.

“We are taking in used machines and essentially bringing them up to new condition,” said Greg Jacob, Vice President and General Manager, Allpax. “This offers a lower cost entry level alternative to processors interested in creating new shelf stable products.”

“Companies benefit from the acquisition of a state-of-the-art multimode lab retort at a significant savings and Allpax gains the opportunity of acquainting them to the caliber of our expertise and solutions. The buy back and resale program also helps a segment of our customers step up to larger units while recouping some of their original investment. We’ve even had customers repurposing units for entirely new uses. One customer, for example, is using the 2402 as an autoclave for sterilizing syringes.”

To inquire about refurbished 2402 multimode R&D retorts or to sell units back to Allpax call 1-888-893-9277. The company is also in the market to buy used Allpax production retorts. To learn more about the company’s extensive lines of non-agitation retorts, control systems, replacement parts, and programs for retort room revitalization and automation visit

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