Allpax Supplies Retorts to DOD For Shelf Stable Multi Serving Meals for Troops

Aug 30, 2010

The Allpax solution reduces the number of retorts needed for meal processing.

Covington, LA - Allpax Products, a division of ProMach, supplied the Department of Defense (DOD) with five new Gentle Motion retorts - the first high-capacity, high-throughput retort specifically designed for pouches and semi-rigid trays. The five retorts will be used to process up to 250,000 multi-serving entrees and side dishes per month for troops on field deployment.

"Our retorts will mean tastier food for the troops," says Greg Jacob, Allpax general manager. "Allpax also saved the military money. Projects like this one bring home the fact that equipment suppliers have the potential to make things better for customers and ultimately for consumers, who in this case are our fighting men and women."

Allpax demonstrated to the DOD that, depending on the type of entree packaged in the 6.6 pound multi-serving trays, Gentle Motion retorts can reduce processing time by 15 to 42 percent over static retorts. Faster processing time, in both heating and cooling of entrees and side dishes, offered the DOD a number of advantages.

Taste, texture, and visual appeal of shelf-stable food improve with the Gentle Motion retort's shorter processing time. These improvements result from the retort's capability to prevent overcooking or scorching food. Also, the retort's reciprocating motion and even heat distribution along the major surfaces of multi-serve trays aids in the overall hydration of starches. The Allpax retorts help create more than 15 entrees and side dishes for the DOD, including 6.6 pound trays of chicken stir fry, Burgundy beef stew, barbecue pulled pork, spaghetti with meatballs, turkey tetrazzini, and Santa Fe style rice and beans. All meals remain shelf stable for 36 months.

In addition to producing higher quality meals for troops on field deployment, the high-capacity, high-throughput Gentle Motion retort offered speed. The DOD purchased five retorts rather than six, which was the original number of retorts estimated when the project went out for bid. With five gentle motion units, the DOD meets its capacity goal of processing 250,000 multi-serving entrees and side dishes per month. One less retort meant a significant cost savings.

Allpax supervisory, control, and maintenance software provides operators and managers at the co-packing facility where the retorts will be used with a host of tools to ensure consistent speed and quality. Internet connectivity through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives DOD personnel a window into each retort's production. This will aid DOD personnel in program management and logistics.

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