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Nov 03, 2011

Allpax manufactures a complete range of severe duty sterilization machinery for the food, beverage, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical companies. When your company has unique products that require specialized sterilization equipment, allow Allpax to lend a helping hand.

Allpax offers complete sterilization systems to keep your products safe and secure throughout the manufacturing and production processes. From modular sterilization processing to specific sterilization machines, such as the Shaka Retorts, sterilization is a key component to the Allpax mission.

Sterilization requirements vary by country, from direct regulatory involvement and oversight in the United States to a hands-off approach in developing countries. Find the right retort for your product manufacturing lines and enjoy sterile and safe products.

Sterilized food processing lines come in two fundamental flavors: aseptic lines and in-container lines, which are available in either continuous or batch types. Where one processing might be more beneficial to one company, a different process might meet your requirements in a more efficient fashion. The aseptic process takes place when a sterile container is filled with sterile product in a sterile environment. During the in-container process, an unsterile container is filled and sealed with unsterile product in an unsterile environment. The product is, then, sterilized inside of the container as it passes through the sterilization processing line.

If a continuous in-container process is chosen, a constant steady flow of product moves into the continuous sterilizer by means of chains and goes through a series of long vertical flights to pre-heat, cook, pressure cool, and cool each container before exiting the system. Batch retorts are processed as a constant flow of product moves onto an accumulation table that consolidates the product into baskets. The filled baskets form a batch of product, and are moved into one of the retort vessels in the bank of retorts.

Allpax offers a variety of solutions and services for all of your sterilization needs. Regardless of the size of your products, you can easily find the perfect sterilization solution to meet your product requirements. The Production Shaka Retorts 1300 and 1600 are full production size retorts. The Shaka process can deliver chilled or aseptic quality at shelf stable costs. These machines process products containing particulates while matching the same quality of an aseptic process. Ensuring that your products are sterile for the safety of your customers, all Allpax systems incorporate sterilization features.

The gentle motion retorts are designed to give you full production capacity and the ability to shake your load to get all of the benefits of agitation in pouches and semi-rigid trays. Advantages to using these machines include reduced thermal burden on the product, agitation ranges from five to 60 strokes per minute, and promoted in-process hydration.

Each of the Allpax retorts is based on sterilization. If your products require the use of sterilization systems, allow Allpax to meet your needs. From the production retorts to the R&D retorts, including retort accessories, sterilization is an integral part of the retort process.

About Allpax

Supporting the highest levels of product safety and regulatory compliance, Allpax manufactures processing and sterilization solutions for the food, beverage, pet food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries, including autoclaves, retort room components, fully automated retort rooms, and product handling equipment that supports retort room automation. Allpax is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Product Handling business line, Allpax helps our packaging customers protect and grow the reputation and trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Allpax at and more about ProMach at

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