Custom Container/Material Handling

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When you need a machine - whether it's a sterilizer, loader, shuttle, robot, or some other type of machine - our approach is, We Can Do That. Our Concept-Design-Build people work closely with your staff to create a team approach. Allpax provides a total custom container/ material handling service that includes mechanical, electrical and software design capabilities - all from our in-house staff of engineers and process professionals. In addition to concept-to-fabrication services, we also provide installation and startup support, as well as documentation, operator manuals, and service support.


We want to intimately understand your products, processes and procedures. Only then can we offer effective concept solutions to you. Product line speeds, container dimensions, sizes and, most importantly, how a product-container behaves in an automated environment are all important factors that must be considered in any design.

Good, simple concepts produce good machines that work. We'll pull from our inventory of proven design modules and apply them to your project. You'll find that we take a very aggressive approach to a solid concept design - then we'll work to refine it to reduce the concept to its most simplified form. Only then will we ask for your sign-off to detail the design.


Our detail designs are produced using the latest technological tools available. In some cases we'll model the machine using software or building a rough prototype of a sub-assembly as a first step to detail design. Our drawings are all done using standard, digital software, such as AutoCAD and Solid Works.


Allpax machines are built by Allpax. To control the quality, cost and timeline, we build what we design. Whenever possible, we use laser-cut materials for exacting precision. In addition, we take pride in our machining, welding and general workmanship to ensure that you receive the highest quality machinery. Like our standard products, our concept-to-production machinery must meet our quality policy: for it to be an Allpax machine, it must Work Great, Look Great, and be delivered On Time!