Allpax Signs Deal to License Shaka Batch Retort Process

Apr 09, 2007

Covington, LA - Allpax Products, a division of ProMach, has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Zinetec Ltd. of Oxfordshire, England, to become the sole U.S. licensee of the Shaka batch retort process, which significantly reduces sterilization times, improving the taste, color, texture and mouth feel of shelf-stable products. The first Allpax product available with Shaka technology is the Allpax 2402SK R&D Retort for packaging applications involving food, produce, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and pet food products. This laboratory-sized research unit can run the full array of retort processes used in the industry today in addition to the new Shaka process. The 2402SK is engineered with a patent-pending spring design which not only dampens operational vibrations but also enables a more vigorous shaking and mixing of the product than competing designs.

"We have run a number of products in our lab using the Shaka process and for many of them we have seen significant reductions in thermal process times," said Kevin Collins, Allpax director of thermal process services. The excitement comes when you compare a Shaka-processed product to one that has undergone a typical static retort process - the difference is remarkable. Taste, mouth feel and appearance are all qualities that immediately stand out, but a closer examination reveals other key benefits such as nutrient retention."

Shaka Technology: A Tasty Shake-Up

Shaka technology is a method of batch retorting in which packaged foods, pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals are rapidly agitated during the retort process. The result is a better-tasting product with more appealing color, texture and mouth feel than products processed under other modes of in-container sterilization. With Shaka, the quality of a retorted product can closely mimic that of one which has been aseptically processed. When using Shaka technology, a retort is filled with containers which the retort then shakes vigorously in a back-and-forth motion, mixing the container contents thoroughly, allowing for rapid and even heat transfer throughout.

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