2402 MultiMode Shaka Retort - Demonstration of Features

Allpax delivers its first retort system featuring the Shaka process: the Allpax 2402SK. Designed with product research and development in mind, this lab-scale unit not only runs the Shaka process, but Spray, Steam, Water Immersion and Rotary modes as well. This wide matrix of process capabilities, all built into one machine, streamlines the time consuming research phase of new product lines and enables side-by-side comparison of all the different process modes. The Allpax 2402SK is a critical tool in process selection for any retorted product line, including the pharmaceutical industry.

The agitating forces generated during the process constantly and thoroughly mix the product within the container. This significant mixing uniformly heats the contents inside the container. Uniform heating brings process time reductions of up to 90%. For the first time, batch retorting can produce stove-top quality products with excellent mouth feel and texture, impressive visual appearances and significantly improved taste.