R&D Retorts

Research and development retorts are designed to replicate all batch and continuous production retort processes and agitation types. These R&D retorts as well as the pilot retorts are used in the food industry for food, food ingredients, and food packaging. Working at high speeds and maintaining product quality, these retorts are efficient, sterile, and dependable.

The R&D retort / pilot-scale retort line is capable of running numerous processes including:

  • Water immersion
  • Saturated steam
  • Water spray
  • Steam air

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With Shaka, batch retorting can produce stove-top quality products with excellent mouth feel and texture, impressive visual appearances and significantly improved taste.

The 2402's small footprint and long list of a la carte design options make it the perfect accessory for any lab.

Allpax gentle motion technology is a new technology introduced to the marketplace that reciprocates product while it processes to reduce cycle time and improve quality.