Allpax Research Project - Improving Pouch Sterilization

Good morning, I am Greg Jacob, Vice President General Manager of Allpax Products. Today we are showing our gentle motion technology, which is a new technology introduced to the marketplace that reciprocates product while it processes to reduce cycle time and improve quality.

We have recently here conducted a study of several gentle motion products that we’re looking to share with the industry relative to how it performs versus the static process. We’d like to show you the results of how our gentle motion product works.

Okay, what you are looking at is one of the several products we have tested with the gentle motion products and have documented. It’s a ham chowder. We have run it with static, 60 shakes a minute, and 90 shakes a minute gentle motion to do a comparison.

What you see here are the actual retort graphs of each cycle. So starting with the static, there was a 107 minute total cycle time from beginning to finish. Then, when you go into the 60 shakes a minute, which is the purple line, you can see that we got a reduction down to 53.5 minutes, which is a 50 percent cycle time savings. And then cranking that up to 90 shakes a minute, it actually reduced it to 44 minutes for the cycle, which is the most aggressive time, which is 59 percent savings versus the static process.

Finally, what we did is a sensory evaluation, where we used a panel to actually taste the products. You’ll see visually the static process versus, I’ll go to the 90 shakes a minute, you can see the differences in the color, the chunks of the product, and of course the reduction in cycle time gives it a much better flavor as well.

This is just one of several of the products that we have analyzed and are willing to share at the show.

Please come see us and we’d love to share with you a lot of the results of several different products that we run with this revolutionary technology for the food industry.