Nutraceutical Industry

Allpax has been providing the nutraceutical industry with specialized equipment designed specifically for the unique requirements and challenges these manufacturers must contend with. Allpax automated and semi-automated batch retort systems offer much lower barriers to entry and less exhaustive regulatory hurdles than aseptic systems. Additionally, the fast change-over and the ability to process smaller production runs allows smaller producers and contract manufacturers to compete in the nutraceuticals marketplace.

Allpax rotary water spray and rotary water immersion retorts lead the industry in reliability and durability. With such features as modular trunnion roller assemblies with external bearings and modular internal rotors with our exclusive bi-directional clamping system, our rotary agitation system leads the competition in ease of maintenance, long service life and lower total cost of ownership. Allpax fully-automatic orbital system saves up to 25% of plant floorspace compared to traditional manual swing-open door systems.

Allpax also has the material handling portion of the retort room covered. Our FC-series of fragile container loaders and unloaders utilize specialized trays or cartridges that protect fragile polypropylene containers from the rotor’s clamping forces while processing. Our specialized pusher/follower sweep assembly with break-away detents provides high line speed capability. For applications using retortable pouches or liquid paperboard brick-pack containers, Allpax has both gantry-type and robotic tray loading/unloading and handling solutions.

Rounding off our offerings, Allpax has the best service record both on-site and remote. Our AllView retort room control and process logging is US FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliant as is our Monitor process reporting and retort process recipe generating software suite.

Allpax Rotary Agitation Retorts

Allpax Automated Batch Retort