Allpax Introduces an Innovative Substrate Sterilizer for Commercial Fungiculture Operations

Aug 11, 2021

Allpax, a ProMach brand, has developed a new substrate sterilizer designed for commercial fungiculture production of sterilized substrate (growing medium) for the growth of mycelium or to produce fruiting bodies. Depending on the size of the vessel, 4,500 to more than 10,000 pounds of substrate can be sterilized per batch. Allpax works with each customer to design units that meet current and future production requirements. Each autoclave features a long-service-life stainless-steel shell and doors, and insulation and cladding to improve thermal efficiency and for a clean/sanitary appearance.

To increase throughput, Allpax offers options for rapidly cooling the interior of the vessel following sterilization – from adding pressurized air to evacuate heat from the vessel to a vacuum system to provide rapid evaporative cooling. The addition of cooling represents a major innovation for substrate sterilization. Cooling shortens processing time, allowing a greater number of batches to be processed per day. Older style sterilization units simply allow heat to slowly dissipate and pressure within the substrate packaging to equalize. This process is slow and reduces utilization of a major piece of equipment.

Allpax offers a range of control systems from simple to advanced. Each autoclave in the new substrate sterilization platform has two doors, one for loading and another, at the opposite end, for unloading into a clean environment. Doors can be specified as swing, or as orbital (vertical) type for reduced autoclave footprint. Loading and unloading can run the gamut from fully manual to fully automatic.

Customers have the option of ordering custom-made racks and carts from Allpax for their new substrate sterilization vessel. Allpax offers 24/7 telephone support and the option for secure remote diagnostics for fast, effective troubleshooting. The company manufactures this equipment in its ultra-modern facility in Covington, Louisiana.

For more information on the new substrate sterilizer with cooling options, write Chris Barbier,, or call 985-893-9277 Ext. 124. Visit the Allpax website ( for additional information about the full company’s full range of sterilization and autoclave automation solutions.

This new Allpax substrate sterilizer is designed to increase production capacity for commercial fungiculture operations.
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