Bemis North America is First Film Supplier to Try Shaka® Agitation Retort in Flexible Packaging Lab

Oct 29, 2014
  • New 2402 multimode R&D retort custom built for Bemis will be on display in the Allpax Pack Expo Booth N-5317.

COVINGTON, LA — Allpax, powered by ProMach, will display during Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago a new 2402 multimode R&D retort equipped for Shaka® agitation and custom built for Bemis Company, Inc. film testing lab in Neenah, Wisconsin. This versatile R&D retort, the fourth Allpax laboratory retort purchased by Bemis, will be used to quickly and accurately verify optimum tray and film solutions for the agitation retort process and shorten time to market for customers.

Agitation retorts sterilize low acid foods and improve food quality by thoroughly heating trays and pouches an average of 30 to 60 percent faster for Gentle Motion and 50 to 90 faster percent for Shaka than non-agitation methods. Agitation and rapid heat transfer put more stress on trays and films than the typical sterilization process. Bemis will use the multimode retort to simulate agitation production conditions.

“We have an interactive product development process with customers and are able to effectively test trays and films under simulated production conditions before those materials reach customer packaging lines, saving significant amounts of time,” said Jim Lamb, Research Engineer, Bemis North America. “Having these advanced R&D retorts enables us to partner with our customers to develop processes that bring products to market faster, ensure food product quality, and improve overall throughput of customers’ packaging operations.”

The new Allpax 2402 multimode R&D retort has been called the Swiss army knife of retorts because these units offer so many options, including simulating production conditions for water immersion, water spray, saturated steam, steam air, hydro-sim, and steri-sim, and Shaka, Gentle Motion, end-over-end rotation, rocking, and axial-sterilamatic agitation.

The Allpax MONITOR retort control system has been reviewed and accepted by both the FDA and USDA. It features automatic, on-line deviation correction, retort log reporting, electronic signatures, multi-level security, alarm reporting, and optional Ball Formula process calculation.

Allpax has demonstrated that Shaka G-force-level reciprocation is ideal for processing hard to retort foods and producing shelf-stable premium foods, abilities which can help companies achieve product differentiation. Gentle Motion lower-speed reciprocating retorts are optimal for increasing retort room throughput and quality.

“Bemis has been purchasing Allpax R&D retorts and acquiring the latest shelf-stable food sterilization technology and capabilities for nearly 20 years,” said Greg Jacob, Vice President and General Manager, Allpax. “This demonstrates outstanding leadership by Bemis and the emphasis the company places on product development partnership with its customers. We are proud to have custom built our latest and most advanced 2402 R&D retort for Bemis and to display the unit in the Allpax booth at Pack Expo 2014.”

For more information on R&D and production options for Shaka and Gentle Motion agitation retorts and the company’s extensive lines of non-agitation retorts, control systems, replacement parts, and programs for retort room revitalization and automation, call 1-888-893-9277 and visit

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