The Experts Who Build Allpax Automated Retort Systems Also Support Them

Oct 13, 2021

A new service contract program, onsite and remote, offers both structure and flexibility for maximum effectiveness.

COVINGTON, La, October 13, 2021 — Allpax, a product brand of ProMach, now offers a tiered approach to service contracts for both onsite and remote-access technical support that is provided by the specialists who build these complex systems. This program ensures that customers facing staffing challenges have access to skilled support personnel and a comprehensive strategy for maintaining their retort operations at peak efficiency.

"The three levels of contract services for both onsite and remote support provides a starting point for identifying the optimum support strategy for each plant," said Jeff Arthur, Technical Sales Director, Allpax. "Once the skills, time, and tasks required on an annual basis are defined, we preschedule the mechanical and controls personnel to be onsite for preventive or routine maintenance and/or to be available for remote diagnostics. Contracting for the ideal level of maintenance beforehand lowers the cost of support as compared to reactive support requests, and ensures the right resources are available at the right time. Service by the OEM experts reduces risk, while ensuring peace of mind."

Every customer that opts for a field-support service contract selects the length of time Allpax mechanical and controls specialists will be onsite during periods that are scheduled for preventive or routine maintenance, annual audits, calibrations, and/or for training. These periods can total anywhere from one to five or more weeks per year. Customers have the option to customize the program that best suits their technical and timing needs.

While every onsite service contract includes a recommended remote support component, customers can simply opt for one of the three remote services contract options. Allpax remote service contracts provide a cost-effective and reliable lifeline for supporting in-plant maintenance teams. Allpax engineers remotely perform root cause analysis to eliminate repetitive issues and/or troubleshoot unique problems as they occur. All remote service contract plans include a credited base of regular and/or after-hours support time, allowing plant technicians immediate access to Allpax engineers. This eliminates the issues associated with expediting purchase orders and paperwork that slows down the process of resolving critical production downtime issues. The elimination of a single unexpected onsite service call through a successful remote-access session will easily cover the annual cost of the top tier remote-service contract.

For more information on these new opportunities for onsite and remote support to keep retort rooms operating at peak efficiency and throughput, please email Trey Traw- Service Manager (, or Jordan Brown- Aftermarket Sales (, or call them at 888-893-9277, ext. 150 and 155, respectively. Or visit the Allpax Service Contract webpage for more information.

Allpax Retort System Support Team
Jonny Watkins, Vice President of Technology, Allpax, updates an Allpax retort control system during a planned service call. At Allpax, the experts who build these systems also support them.
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