Hyper-Loaders - Retort Room Automation for Round Containers

Automated retort rooms require integration of multiple modules and components. Allpax takes pride in executing extensive factory acceptance tests. It guarantees a rapid start up curve and provides an outstanding training opportunity prior to shipment. Retort rooms start at the loader. For containers that can be stacked, Allpax sweep-type loaders are utilized. While typical sweep-type loaders are only capable of five to six sweeps per minute, the Allpax hyper-loader provides up to nine sweeps per minute using a unique design ensuring that containers are continuously staged to maximize throughput.

The hyper-loader is designed to run multiple containers with minimal changeover time required. Smart hydraulic indexing, automated slip-sheet handling, and rapid basket changeovers make the Allpax hyper-loader the fastest loader available in the market. Conveyor versatility using turntables and pop-up transfers allow baskets to move through any layout.

Allpax designs and builds a variety of retort basket delivery systems depending on your line speed and plant layout. The Allpax high speed three-basket shuttle is ideal for plant layouts short in length. The shuttle features traverse speeds of over 200 feet per minute with laser guided positioning and basket latching to ensure accurate basket deployment.

Allpax can incorporate custom accessory modules into your retort room. Processed baskets can be staged to conveyors with built-in basket tipping to remove excess water from containers and assist downstream packaging equipment.

To provide maximum performance flexibility, Allpax retort room motors feature Allen Bradley variable frequency drives and servo controllers. Smart basket tracking provides redundant reliability to ensure that food safety standards are exceeded. The highest level of quality is used for component selection coupled with heavy duty stainless steel construction.

Allpax provides a turnkey, single source supply for retort room equipment. Our customized approach to your container and layout results in a reliable, efficient system supported by the people who built it.

If it’s in the retort room, we’ve done it.